If you have only one day in which to impress your heartthrob, then you have to make sure that you do all the right things to hook him. Here are some wonderful ways in which to make him sit up and take notice of you right away!

You have less time so make the most of it
Don’t beat around the bush and waste precious time. All you have is one day and you have to make the most of it. Plan what you are going to do, wear, talk etc and don’t go with your gut feeling. You are bound to make a stunning impression on him.

You should stun him right from the beginning
Since you have only a day to knock him off his feet, you should be visually stunning and impressive enough for him to communicate with you. Make sure you are dressed in a way that will make all heads turn. Look gorgeous and sexy to appeal to his senses. He will find it hard to tear his eyes away!

First impressions usually last
Keep in mind that you might not get a second chance with him because the first impression is usually the last one! He should clap his eyes on you and want you immediately. To do this you have to appeal to his sense of beauty. Look classy and sophisticated and at the same time approachable.

Make sure you sound intelligent
Sometimes a woman can put her foot in her mouth because of the way she speaks! Make sure that you sound intelligent and interesting. Don’t overdo it and put on a false accent or talk about things you don’t really know about. Stick to safe subjects and look confident and self assured. You will definitely impress him.

Don’t be nervous – be confident of yourself
Nothing is more off putting than watch a woman go to pieces if you so much as look at her. Don’t let on that you have butterflies in your stomach. Look poised and elegant and be charming while you are in his company. He will definitely try to get to know you better, Don’t throw yourself at him or else he will flee!

Find out all about his favorite sport and brush up your knowledge
It would help if you could find out which sport he is crazy about and brush up on your knowledge. It will impress the hell out of him if he finds that you can converse and speak about his sport as though you have been a fan all your life! This is one way to hold his attention and impress him.

Make him laugh and enjoy himself in your company
Nobody can resist a person who is terrific company and who has a fantastic sense of humor. Make him laugh at your jokes and he will be stuck by your side the whole evening. He will be impressed by you if you make him enjoy every minute of your company.



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